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Vape Store Prince Rupert

WeVape, situated at 323 3 Ave W, Prince Rupert, BC V8J 1L4, is a vape shop in the center of Prince Rupert, British Columbia. This coastal town boasts stunning Pacific Ocean views, drawing locals and tourists seeking relaxation and adventure.

As the top vape shop in the area, we’re proud to provide a wide range of high-grade vaping products and accessories.

Explore the extensive range of products available. From disposables, hardware, pod packs, salt nicotine, and more. Enjoy a smooth vaping experience in this beautiful coastal town.

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A Vape Shop with Expertise and Experience

At Vape Store Prince Rupert, we take pride in being one of the leading vape shops in the area. We deliver services according to the diverse preferences of our customers. Our team of vaping enthusiasts possesses extensive expertise and experience, making us the go-to authority for all things vape-related in Prince Rupert. Whether you need advice on choosing the right device or want to explore new e-liquid flavours, our kind staff is always ready to assist you.

A Hub for Vape Community Prince Rupert
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A Hub for Vape Community

The Prince Rupert community has embraced the vaping culture. At Coastal Vape Co. Prince Rupert, we believe vaping is more than just a pastime business. It’s a lifestyle that promotes well-being and creates a sense of community. We embrace inclusiveness and camaraderie. We provide a welcoming space for like-minded people to gather, share experiences, and discover the latest vaping trends.

Our Commitment to Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is at the core of everything we do. Our friendly and dedicated staff go above and beyond to ensure every customer receives personalized assistance and finds the perfect vape product tailored to their preferences. Whether you’re new to vaping or a seasoned enthusiast, we strive to make your shopping experience at Vape Store Prince Rupert memorable and enjoyable. Check out the review of many vapers for reference.

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Product Categories


Our disposable vapes are the perfect choice if you want something simple and easy to carry. They make vaping a breeze with pre-filled devices, so you don't have to worry about refilling or charging. These little devices are great for people on the move, travellers, or anyone who loves a delicious puff without any fuss. Just unbox, vape, and when you're done, dispose of it - it's that simple. Enjoy 600 puffs of pure satisfaction with our latest "Geekbar Meloso" 2mL disposable vape. Choose from 10 irresistible flavours tailored to satisfy your pleasures.

Pod Packs

Our Pod Packs collection has slim, small devices that blend flavour and vapour perfectly. With refillable pods, you can try different e-liquid flavours, making every puff a delightful treat for your taste buds. Whether you prefer mouth-to-lung or direct-lung vaping, our pod packs suit all vaping styles. Get ready to enjoy a customized vaping experience like never before. Unleash your taste buds with the "Flavour Beast Pods" 20mg/mL pod pack, a refreshing blend of sensational sweet flavours and subtle fresh notes.


Our Hardware list is a treasure trove of exciting options to improve your vaping gear. Discover a wide range of advanced vaping devices, high-tech mods, and stylish tanks from well-known brands. Whether you love producing big clouds, controlling the temperature, or simply want a comfortable design, we have the perfect hardware to elevate your vaping experience. Fit into the perfect balance of flavour, performance, and style with "Vaporesso coils and devices."

Regular Nicotine

Enjoy the classic taste of Regular Nicotine e-liquids, a tradition that has stood the test of time. Our Reg Nic collection offers diverse flavours and nicotine strengths to match your preferences. These e-liquids give your throat a smooth and familiar feeling, making them a popular choice for many vapers. Whether you love the taste of traditional tobacco, refreshing fruits, or tempting desserts, our Reg Nic lineup has got you covered, satisfying all your cravings. Savour the rich, delightful flavours of the “Lemon Drop Juice's Reg Nic” collection. From the sweetness of apples to the burst of berries, the tanginess of blueberries, and the rich taste of cherries, our range of e-liquids has something to satisfy every palate.

Salt Nicotine

Discover the ultimate in luxury vaping with our special Weblaze collection. Made from the finest ingredients, these premium e-liquids are meant to take your taste buds on an incredible adventure. Dive into the richness of unique flavours and enjoy the absolute experience of vaping. Discover the pinnacle of smoking pleasure with our exclusive Weblaze collection featuring the renowned “Red Eye Tek Bongs & Rigs.” Crafted with precision and excellence, these smoking essentials offer the ultimate blend of style, durability, and functionality.


Hop in the lap of luxury with our exclusive Weblaze collection. Within this curated selection, you'll unveil premium products such as bongs, rigs, rolling papers, and meticulously crafted Storz & Bickel items. These offerings are designed to transcend your vaping experience to new and unparalleled heights.

Why Choose Vape Store Prince Rupert

BC Compliance and Safety

Your safety is our priority. We take pride in offering only top-quality vaping products from trusted brands. All our products comply with BC regulations, guaranteeing that you are getting safe and reliable vaping products. Each item in our vape collection undergoes rigorous quality checks, ensuring you receive quality products that meet industry standards.

Online Shopping Convenience

Can't make it to the store? No problem. Our online shopping platform offers convenience and accessibility, allowing you to explore our products and purchase from the comfort of your home. With our accessible store layout and online shopping options, you can explore our products conveniently from anywhere.

New Product Releases

Keep up our store's regular updates on the latest vaping trends and innovations. We are always looking for cutting-edge products, giving you access to the newest releases in the vaping industry.

Unique Flavors

Choose the finest; choose WeVape Store Prince Rupert. Our extensive e-liquid selection is filled with incomparable, unique flavours. From classic tastes to innovative blends, we offer a diverse array of e-liquids that cater to every palate, allowing you to indulge in a flavour adventure like no other.

Professional Recommendations

Unsure about which product suits you best? Our knowledgeable staff is always ready to provide professional recommendations based on your preferences and needs. We believe in personalized service, ensuring you find the perfect vape for your unique style.

Sustainable Practices

We are committed to sustainable and responsible vaping practices. We promote proper recycling of used devices and encourage eco-friendly choices to reduce our environmental impact.

we’re here to all your questions

Have questions? We’ve got answers! Explore our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section to find comprehensive information about our products/services. Whether you’re a new customer seeking guidance or a seasoned user looking for specific details, our FAQs are designed to provide clarity and address common queries.

Vape juice could be new to some but can be initially unclear. To keep your vape juice fresh, there are three things you need to avoid: air, heat, and light. These elements can make your e-juice go bad, and you’ll notice a change in flavour. These factors can cause the nicotine and vegetable glycerin to oxidize, leading to a loss of flavour or even a sour taste. Here are some useful tips for storing your e-liquids:
  • Find a cool and dry place to store them.
  • Keep the juice away from sunlight.
  • The freezer is your best option if you want to store it for a long time.
  • To protect the juice from light, use a dark-tinted glass container.
While some worry that the cold will affect the taste, the freezer is the best choice for long-term storage. Remember to give the juice time to adjust to room temperature before using it again.

The answer is: yes and no. Vape juice can age over time, but it’s essential to understand what “bad” means in this context. E-juice is considered shelf-stable, meaning it won’t spoil at room temperature if stored correctly. It can have a long-lasting shelf life, and you can typically enjoy it for 1-2 years after purchase.

So when does vape juice expire? The expiration date is based on optimal storage conditions. For casual users, the juice will expire sooner than they think. It’s best to use the juice as soon as possible to ensure freshness. If you can’t store it properly, consider buying smaller quantities and using them quickly.

The quality of the juice affects its longevity. Natural flavourings could oxidize and decrease faster than artificial ones. Additionally, low-quality e-liquids are believed to degrade quicker than high-quality ones. Choose wisely and always check the packaging before buying or using the product for a better vaping experience.

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