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Why Do Many Gen Zs Like to Vape?

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Many people now prefer vaping over smoking cigarettes, especially Gen Zs. It has become more popular among people who are seeking a possible safer method of nicotine use or who want to vape-flavoured e-liquids for enjoyment.

Vaping refers to the process of creating an aerosol from a heated liquid that contains nicotine, flavourings, and other chemicals. Different variations of vaping products are available in the market today. From disposables to vape pens and vape mods, everything is accessible when searching for the right “vape stores near me.

Brief History of Vaping

Vaping began in 2003 when Chinese chemist Hon Lik invented the electronic cigarette. The first successful e-cigarette emerged in 2004. Some took up vaping as a healthier alternative to smoking as awareness of its health concerns increased.

Vaping gained popularity worldwide in the late 2000s. Several companies sold vaping devices and e-liquid flavours. With improved battery life, vapour production, and design, technology advanced.

Today, in response to health concerns and youth vaping popularity, numerous countries tightened vaping legislation. Flavoured e-cigarette bans, marketing limits, and age verification became prevalent.

Prevalence of Vaping Among Gen Z: Metric and Statistics

Electronic cigarettes were used by over 2.5 million young people in 2022.A study released by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Flavoured e-cigarettes are used by over 85% of teenagers.U.S. Food and Drug Administration
In 2020, 68 million people across the globe used electronic cigarettes.Survey data from Harm Reduction Journal
In 2022, e-cigarette use was higher among those aged 18–29 compared to those aged 60–69.A mediation analysis research from the National Library of Medicine
A 2019-2020 survey reveals that between 17.7% and 40% of college students have used or are using electronic cigarettes.A Retrospective Cross-Sectional Study by the Journal of Community Health

Emergence Of Vaping: A Cultural Phenomenon Among Gen Z

Those born between the mid-1990s and the early 2010s have been influential in embracing and introducing vaping as a social activity. Vaping is rising in this demographic for several reasons:

Technology and Innovation

Gen Z is a tech-savvy generation that is drawn to innovative products. Many young people are captivated by the appealing features of new devices and the idea of being on the leading edge of technology.

Because of this, vaping devices capture the interest of this generation. E-cigarettes and pens are viewed as cutting-edge and modern due to the following features:

  • Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries power vaping devices. These batteries power e-liquid heating and vapour production reliably and long-term.
  • Modern vaping devices allow users to modify voltage, wattage, and drag temperature through touch gestures, double tap, and more.
  • These systems are practical and mess-free since they employ disposable or refillable pods.
  • Users can set the vaporization temperature on some advanced devices.
  • Some vaping devices have Bluetooth and mobile apps.
  • Advanced vapers prefer sub-ohm tanks and coils for greater wattages and larger vapour clouds.
  • Modern vapes have short-circuit, overcharging, and low-resistance protection.

Marketing and Social Media

Gen Z is known for being highly connected through social media, and it has been a powerful tool for the vaping industry’s marketing campaigns.

Vaping brands work with influencers, especially younger ones, to promote their products. Influencers post vape content to their followers, making it trendy and socially acceptable.

Vaping firms create social media communities where users may discuss products, exchange experiences, find others, and interact with the brand. As a result, people feel more connected and are more likely to contribute original content.

Flavour Variety in Vape Stores

Vape juices have a pleasant aroma. Tobacco, fruit, dessert, and candy flavours are just a few of the many options available for vaping liquids. Many younger smokers choose this variety because they think the flavours are better than the taste of regular cigarettes. Also, unlike regular cigarettes, vaping doesn’t leave an overpowering odour.

Perceived Safety

One reason vaping is becoming more popular is the assumption that it is safer than traditional smoking.

Less Harmful ChemicalsUnlike traditional cigarettes, which burn tobacco and emit numerous harmful chemicals, vaping produces less toxic substances.
Lower Harmful Compound LevelsE-cigarette vapour has much lower levels of tar and carbon monoxide than cigarette smoke.
Contaminated AirSince vaping does not burn tobacco, it produces less secondhand smoke than smoking.
Smoking Quit ToolSome people may find it easier to cut back on their exposure to dangerous substances by switching to vaping instead of smoking.

Convenience and Discreetness

Vaping devices’ small size and lightweight construction make them convenient wherever you go. These devices ensure they are far more convenient and less obvious.

Vaping gadgets might look like toys or everyday items. During interviews, the youth linked disposable e-cigarettes to candy, pacifiers, lip gloss, and soap.

Peer Influence and Social Norms

Every cultural phenomenon’s spread is heavily influenced by social dynamics. To fit in or adapt to social standards, people may think that the home jump left to do is try vaping if it’s common among their peers.

  • Both online and offline social networks influence individual choices.
  • Economic conditions might also affect cultural adoption. The regular price affordability and availability of vape products or services may affect their social acceptance.

Which Vape Disposables Should You Try

Vaping And Health Concerns

Though vapes aren’t as dangerous as cigarettes, they still pose risks if used irresponsibly:

  • Cough, throat irritation, and breathlessness.
  • Many e-cigarettes contain addictive nicotine.
  • Vaping can cause throat and mouth dryness.
  • E-cigarette nicotine may momentarily raise heart rate, which may be dangerous for those with heart conditions.
  • The long-term implications of inhaling these substances are still being explored.
  • There have been reports of people, particularly children, accidentally swallowing e-liquid.

Ways To Avoid Health Risks:

  1. Choose reliable products: Purchase e-cigarettes and vaping supplies from trusted merchants. Avoid counterfeit or unregulated items which may contain dangerous ingredients.
  2. Read product labels:Avoid items without clear content information. Sometimes, e-liquids contain hazardous compounds like diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, or formaldehyde.
  3. Consume less nicotine: When using e-cigarettes for nicotine, check the e-liquid’s nicotine content. To quit nicotine, gradually reduce nicotine levels or choose nicotine-free solutions.
  4. Track your health: Monitor respiratory and health changes. Consult a doctor immediately if side symptoms occur.
  5. Moderation: Vape moderately. Excessive use of anything may harm health.
  6. Stay hydrated: Dehydration can result from vaping. Drink plenty of water to be healthy and hydrated.

Explore The Vaping Culture Today

Vaping appeals to Gen Z due to social, cultural, and marketing considerations. Vaping is considered as self-expression, stress alleviation, and relaxation. Social media and influencer culture also make vaping popular among Gen Z.

Vaping appeals to a generation that values individualized experiences due to its personalized choices and flavour variety. WeVape offers an extensive vaping product, from disposables, pods like Vuse, to hardware and bongs. You can visit our physical store or browse our website for quality service and enhanced vaping experience today. Check out WeVape today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Battery capacity, e-liquid volume, and usage behaviours affect vaping products disposable lifespan. Disposables typically last hundreds to thousands of puffs.
Nicotine in e-liquids is usually measured in metric and imperial units like mg/mL. The proper strength depends on smoking and tolerance.
Public vaping laws vary in Canada. Follow local rules and regulations. Some localities like Toronto regulate public smoking, such as vaping.

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